Friday, April 19, 2013

poem #8: midnight oil

As midnight creeps in...
tipping lightly around my awareness
I sit in still thought
how it is I could've been a fool
looped tightly around his middle finger
while he fucked over my love...

Regret plays blaring notes
on my heart
convincing me in a moment
of temporary ire
that I shouldn't have ever made his acquaintance
that, his invite
should have been declined
and forgotten...
but, then...
I come to...
not wanting to trade a single
or hope

Even as I tread forward...
finished with uncertainty
and open-ended breaks,
I see how his place
was invaluable
and classically meaningful...
glad to have undergone
another metamorphosis
causing the rebirth
of the original butterfly's freedom flight...
knowing now,
the depths of my love
and heart's core...

It was all a deliberate process
of loving
lavishing in and about
for a fleeting,
yet eternal time frame...
he brought the biggest of smiles,
heartiest of laughs,
warmest concerns...
and the most guttural
and painful tears...
every nuance of agony
a cracking in my cocoon
giving way to unique
elegantly splashed
more expansive
and intensely colored wings

I will always
hold tightly
with the strength of
the biggest arms
and something
that can only be described
as agape love,
for a man
whose hands never grazed my skin
whose breath never heated my lips
whose eyes,
never met with mine...

I'm going to bed now...
my dreams await...

© 2010 Kween Kiwi


No Labels said...

Beautiful...this took my breath away!

Reggie said...

Very nice Kween.

It's not just butterflies that go through a metamorphosis, we all do.....of a sort.

Thee_Kween said...

@No Labels~ Thanks BB :D

@Reggie~ Very true, sir :)

in the butterfly net...

i ink...i flow...i pen,
my soul, my words, my zen