Thursday, June 21, 2012

the look of summer

i feel summer,
in beads of liquid crystal
refracting the light of a beaming sun
off the surface of tanned
smooth and soft skin
cool cotton cascading
tied prettily
over exposed shoulders...
slight breezes
teasing the hem of a billowing
peeks of thighs
that wink hi on the sly
i feel summer,
in wild, tameless hair
sun-kissed by streaks
of ultra violet rays
given lift by bouncy struts
smiles behind shades
and shades over blinded eyes
from the sun's glare...
the summer,
is seductively hovering over me
invitations of abandon...

a yearning to lie still
while clouds pass over
and gales of wind
lead branches by the limb
in a dance of waving leaves
i feel summer...
in children's chuckles in the morning
robins and cardinals
chirping atop cable lines
bike tires screeching
garden hoses leaking
lawn mowers revving
chains on porch swings squeaking
wading pools filling
hydrants bursting
ice cream melting through fingers
fireflies in jars
and citronella burning
...the anticipation of coals on grills
smoke wafting over fences
sending subliminal cravings
of charred meat and
iced tea so sweet
but, i feel summer most...
in that sundress
in my favorite color
sandals on polished toes
a kweenly flow,
beckoning the turning of heads
to summer's hot ways
bringing heat to bodies
and flush to faces
the free feeling
of a dress' sway
just makes me know
that summer is here.

in the butterfly net...

i ink...i flow...i pen,
my soul, my words, my zen