Tuesday, August 31, 2010

love run afoul

scented pain
curiously reminiscent of burnt love
my senses
bullied by
jolting me out of a nod
you evade me
your anger the only reminder
fiery like your denial
scented like cheap corner incense

it smells like charred hopes
mixed with floral memories
the insane mix
of desire
and despair
cloaked in the citrus notes
of orange-infused funk
dipped in acidic promises
...it causes my nose to burn
bringing droplets stained
with blackened emotions
and rotted numbness

on random nights
i awake to a smoky air of anxiety
haunting  me with the choking odor
of rejection stinking a lot like garbaged smiles
and wasted joy
sheets soiled with cold sweat
pillows unclean from stifled cries
i can smell your indifference
and it makes me gag
i'm sickened by the aromas of
bloody lies
filthy motivations
putrid tendencies
of numerous possessions
of numerous skirts
the foulest of stenches
wafting through distance
and plugging my nostrils
with hate-filled odor...

this pain...
embedded deeply within my fiber
renders the smell
of blooming onions
sun-dried and shriveled
steamed in rays of heated passion
abandoned for greener pastures...

the scent of pain...smells like you.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

i miss you like...

I miss you, like...

I miss you like crazy...
I miss you like an addict missing a high
Like clouds missing from the sky
Like a piano missing keys
Like islands missing a breeze
I miss you like the juice from a cherry
Like the sweet from sherry
Like grace from a dance
Like love from romance
I miss you like a bird misses her song
Like a sunset at dawn
Like a night without stars
Like a rap with no bars
I miss you more than I want
I'm tempted to front
But I miss you like mad
Like the love I never had
Like laughter never heard
Like a poem without a word
Like a party with no fun
Like a race no one’s won
I miss you like a tree with no leaves
Like vinyl records with no sleeves
Like toes with no French
Like a game with the star benched
I miss you so much I lose my breath
I miss you baby, I miss you to death...
I miss you like crazy
...come back

ebb and flow

the way the tide reaches for the shore 
pull me into you 
wash away the boundaries
engulfing me in your cool 
make scenic fantasies with me 
compose the sounds of tumultuous calm against each other 
mix your liquid abstract of life
with the steady beauty of mine 
let us consummate our flow to the moon's glow 
and sparkle in the sun's light 
wash over me with waves of gentle care
taking with you that which i don’t need
or that which you do...
the dance we do
is fluid and constant
being yin and yang,
give and take
i run deeper than what's seen
i reach past  the edge of you
and become your foundation
becoming the basin that cradles you
let us be cool and warm
let us be movement and stillness...
let us be the ebb and flow of love

in the butterfly net...

i ink...i flow...i pen,
my soul, my words, my zen