Tuesday, May 25, 2010

body language ~ throwback 2007

Fingers tracing parts,
parts being caressed...
Legs wrapped and tangled,
my hair tickling your chest...
Hands interlaced,
palms meeting to brace...
thighs touching sensually, 
while we try to maintain our pace...
We switch without a hitch,
and my backside is just below your navel...
Your thumb glides over my spine,
you feel my skin softer than sable...
Your strong hands holding my shoulders,
the feeling is getting intense...
My legs begin to tremble
as I try to hold you in suspense...
The rush of your hands,
to hastily find a spot,
you grab hold of my breast to keep your pace on lock...
Your love flows free
your body goes limps on me...
My body curls into yours
as we...slowly...try...to...breathe.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

quiet screams

She opened her mouth
Silence flooded in and down her throat...
choking out her wails
She tried again,
but the rhythmic noise of indifference 
hushed her with a cold and unclean finger
She dug deep,
from the beginning of her...
where she originated from,
a heavenly place
where she was fashioned from power
and tried again
Out came a cry that pierced souls,
deafened ears
and evoked tears.
She said,
"I'm here"...
The room filled with whispers of collective banter
wondering why she needed to announce the obvious
Her eyes swelled with salty drops
Her throat shrunk
cutting off her bated breath...
The forceful entity of oppression
worked diligently to quiet her...
"I'm here..."
she uttered weakly,
her eyes so much louder than her chords could carry...
The room hushed
Then grew loud again
Turning to one another
carrying on...
or perhaps...
unable to fathom her heart

acknowledging something
means a realization
that you're part of the problem
In turn,
knowing you're a factor
in a spiritual equation,
means changing for the solution...}

...They turn away
leaving her pain throbbing
At the apex of her pain unbearable,
a light shines
a ray of resolution
visible to only her
She clears her throat...
swallows the pain
aligns her back to the zenith
and says,
With the sound of the door
closing behind her gently
the room is alerted to her absence...
Some continue chattering...never missing a beat
Some sit in awe of what's lacking with her departure...
hearing her cries in delay...
fall down in tears of their own
regretful of not being able to hear them before...
She said, {with her departure}
"I'm here...still"

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

push and pull ~ a throwback (2007)

*I wrote this poem in 2007 on a now defunct site once called Yahoo 360*

I’m drawn to you, magnetized by you, enamored with you
Accustomed to you, fed by you, understood by you
I feel you, I see you, I long for you
I’m perplexed by you, confused by you, still I look for you
I push you away
I constantly say
Let's throw this away
But my heart won’t stray
I hate it that
I ignore the fact
I might fall flat
And I feel trapped
Cuz I think of you, I dream of you, I confess to you
I laugh with you, catch feelings with you, play cat & mouse with you
I want you, But I don’t want you, But I do want you
Gotta break from you, Cant escape from you, Wanna fade wit you
I push you away, I push you far away, But I have to say
I wanna pull you to me, Pull you into me, Pull your love to me
I push
I pull
...and I love it!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

stolen pieces

you stole from me...

there are some things you 
there are some things you don't touch

when something is fragile,
held together barely...
only the gentlest of handlers
should dare hold it in their palms...
something so easy to break
even with the simplest breath...
i was taught
that if you couldn't replace it
or put toward a new one
you shouldn't even look in it's direction
to touch,
play with,
or treat with devil-may-care...
was equivalent to thievery...
that thing,
so glass-like and flimsy
was most likely
the most precious possession of the owner
and an oops or
"didn't mean it"
could bring a heart to pause
and cause irreparable damage
stealing that beloved thing
having nothing to put in it's place

you stole my heart...
you broke it...
without blinking
you threw it around
like it was made from the toughest
of materials
yet, knowing...
it couldn't withstand
even a hard kiss
you took from me...
time i could've spent with a more deliberate suitor...
you stole,
hope i poured into a belief of us
hope i tucked under your pillow
to fuel your dreams
while you left mine unattended...
you pillaged my soul
violating trusts and guards
lulling me with charming smiles
of deceptive promise
cutting me down
leaving me unconscious in a poppy field of delusion
you snatched
the life out of me
the life we were planning
the child we conceived in our hearts
the moments with each other's moms
the exchange of breath
and body
the joyous scenes abroad
awaiting us in a future that took
approximately 880 days to make

you dismembered the entity of love
animated by our commonalities
and the "dust" of us...
that which fit nowhere in particular
you know...
that part of a thing
that once broken
has disintegrated
and cannot be glued
the  part that leaves fissures in a mended piece
the "filler"...so to speak
you swept that away
with the bristle of indifference
while whistling a tune
inspired by oblivion
you sauntered away...
leaving pieces of me
left in ruins
you stole from me...
you stole from me,
the right to be whole
and you didn't even ask...
"are you okay?"
you skipped to the beat
of another drummer
wiping the dust of me
off your soles
and took with you
the twisted glee
of me
in fragments...over you
you thief, you...

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Love's Caress~ a song

{I woke up this morning...and after lying in bed...a song popped in my head. I hate that I'm not musical in the way that I can "compose" with notes. Or that, I can at least bang out what's in my head on a piano/keyboard. I heard violins playing sharply, the left side of the piano banging hard (a right tickle from time to time), a bass plucking, chimes being tickled, a cymbal being tapped, and harps "harping". lol As of right now...the melody that gave birth to this "song" has drifted away...but, I felt like sharing this with you all.}

Verse 1

it's not how your fingers find
all the chills in my spine
i love how i call you mine
you call me yours...
we're so damn fine

we flow like a fine wine
we color outside the lines
we're love and lust combined
we make it pop
boy we're blowing minds


i gotta tell ya
your love is betta
...it tickles just like a feather
better than the rest
it's like a love caress

Verse 2

our love's sweetly divine
more precious than a diamond mine
i love how you take your time
the pleasure builds
i exhale a sigh

your love is right on time
i keep saying, "my oh my"
i feel like a ray of shine
glowing bright for you
this man of mine



i love how you touuuch me...
the way that you hold me...
in your heart so sweetly...
there's...nothing...betterrrrr...than a love's caress


in the butterfly net...

i ink...i flow...i pen,
my soul, my words, my zen