Friday, April 23, 2010

dear love...a letter to the "him" that is mine.

As promised to my SiStar, Caprice (author of Starr's Sanctuary), I re-penned my love letter to my love...whoever he is. She wrote one to hers and I mentioned I had written one a while ago. I had one in a journal...and though at the time it seemed like the words I'd use...time has passed. My soul has burgeoned past older lines like bleeding acrylics on canvas. What I wanted a little different (but not much) than what I want it is:

sweetest love,

i think of you all the time. when i see lovers, i see us. when i see babies...i see ours. i think of the man who won't ever need prompting to love me. the man who will never need to be reminded that i am his and he, mine. we will love, laugh, live, teach, learn, cry, sleep, dream, tandem. no "mine" or "yours" just and mrs. wonderful ;)

i know that you will understand my most sensitive needs...and never make me feel criminal for being so. i know you will remember all of the things i tell you...and present them to me in surprises. i know you will feel my heart beating...even when we're in separate spaces. i know you will sense my despair...and throw on your lover's cape, swoop in...and love me back to my glory. you'll never see my weaknesses as weaknesses...just moments where a little more lovin' is required. you'll know, like i know...that there is never a moment when we no longer need to "prove" our love to each other...because the desire to show love will be a joy. you will know no other.

for all that you are to me...i will be to you what shine is to sun. you will have a rib AND a spine in me. your dreams will be as important to me as they are to you...because i'll know that when YOU'RE am i. you will know that, even though i CAN assemble a piece of furniture...i'll let you get bragging rights *lol*. i will give you all of me...knowing that you'll relish in the ownership. i'll be letting all within sniffing range know...who daddy is. in turn...i will never have to be concerned about others...for my name is written in flames of love afire...right across your being. a picture of you and i will be a prized possession of yours. just as well...the love planted deeply inside of me will be as obvious as 9 months of pregnancy.

give me you and i'll give you me...i want the good, bad, ugly, indifferent, the shit and the blossoms. i want to be your BEST friend. don't hide from me. lay naked for me, trusting me with your vulnerability. we'll be enough for each other...needing no one else to confide in or lean on. let's be a force. a power of love unparalleled. let's be...the couple lovers love and haters hate. let's be the ones that bring love back...fuck sexy (even though we'll make that over, too)

um, i snore...i can be a tad OCD. i like cuddling, but i need my space. i love the food network (let's get 2 tv's), i want a cat named Wasabi (don't forget to bring home the allergy meds). i'm not "scared" of spiders...but they unnerve me. i AM scared of snakes (not yours, lol). i'm silly as FUCK...but, you'll love it. i'm a word be prepared to play scrabble...and get pummeled. hehe. i need sheets over me...even in the hot ass no blanket hogging. i like to kiss your chin, so don't deny me...i AM gonna eat your neck. i will enjoy just you sitting between my legs as i "sky write" across your back.

i want to go places, experience things, you. show me what i've never seen...teach me what i didn't know i needed to know. teach me you...let's love, baby. always...

love, the pet name only you call me :)


Caprice Starbrite said...

LOVE IT GIRL! How ironic that we would write something similar!? :) Great minds think alike

Da_Kween said... is in us and ours to give...lucky fools be the ones to receive it :)

Butterfly Effect said...

Wonderful! Your love letter is sooo Kiwi. Thought of writing one, but the words escape me. (((((HUG)))))

25champ said...

Great expressions of what love is supposed to be, maybe this is the blue print. Great post!

Da_Kween said...

@BE~ Thank you...just take your time. Say what you want...what you'd like to have...and how you envision there being someone who can give you JUST that :)

@Champ~ I pray it is the blueprint. I just want someone to grow old with :)

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