Tuesday, August 16, 2011

climb to fall

in the midst of
scaling the heights
of love's tower
and touting it's
at some point
into acclimation
one's purpose
for escalation
can become lost
too high of an altitude
can bring about
short breaths
from thin air
a cold
so brisk
that it seeps
past protective gear
raised chills
that burn from pain...
with the claws of cold
a companion of void
a loud cognizance of one's place
amid nothing,
seeks attention
how, now...does the climb
still hold substance?
whilst looking
for evidence
of love's stretch...
how does one
defeat the demon
of whispered solitude?
the heated impetus
set to give hope to the hopeless
seizing and freezing out
the belief
that love lies
atop a mountain of obstacles
waiting to be validated...
snuffed out,
by the ascension of
a hurried sense to feed
a worried and dense need...
what occurs...
in the midst of
this sojourn
for love's pinnacle...
is a tinge of deliberation
to loosen the secured fasts
and just fall...
descend with the speed of doubt
more breath stolen
the heart,
imploding from the pressure...
the heart,
beating so fast
that it stills...
flailing and falling
...the end
surely to be met
with spiritual death
no longer adept
in the heights and depth
of love and it's armored vest...
how about,
this daredevil...
repel from the top
and stop.
...why even dare to care?
what will the world have lost,
if i chose to sit
indian style...
at the base of cynicism
and bitter regret
and let the waters
of wasted emotion
drown my champion?
why should i fight to climb?
when it seems...
everyone else
pays love no mind

Saturday, August 6, 2011

fall in love with me

fall in love with me
my whole self
not fragments
broken into the
most palatable...
eat me up!
love the crumb of me
the sum of me
the hum
beneath the surface of me
fall IN love with me
my sensitivity
my desire for
your exclusivity
the divine
and incomparable
God in me
fall in love...deeply
with ME
the attitude
that i sometimes can't adjust
the once in a full moon
over the top lust
the more than usual need to bust...~whew~
my need to be right
even when i'm wrong
the moments
when i just need
to be left alone
love ALL of me
fall in LOVE with me
don't recoil from what i can teach
don't flinch at how deep i can reach
don't ice down your heat for me
your fear to be seen
being crazy in love with me...
fall in love, baby
the way i would with you
in love with your truth
not the scripted
and prompted you
i love the you
that's meant for
God, you and your Ruth...
fall in love with me
the one whose love encompasses
vows written
and love unspoken
that touches on notions
and dormant dreams awoken
the one who with pride
your chest puffs than rises
as your "single' knot unties
fall in love
not stumble
or trip
for it's a misconception
that those falling in love
hit pavement with a split
it's a voluntary
back into the arms
of a true love's hold
not some plunge to death
not a nude dive into cold...
fall in love with me...
and i promise...to catch you

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

right now

right now...
i could use
a manly chest
to rest
my head upon
masculinity refined
in pecs set perfectly
to fit the curve of my neck
to lie securely into...
nestling within,
the valleys of definition
a catch-all for tears
or licks
or inhales of his scent
cosseting my spirit
allaying my mind's pace
to give way
to the gate of astral space
like lavender...
giving me calm
in his arms...
i am overdue
for a man of mine
to be the one
whose frame
tames my senses...
making it okay
to be less than superwoman
and more than a burden...
that one,
giving me permission
by way of kisses
placed sweetly
on my third eye...
locking into the sight
of a man
unafraid of my need...
needing to be
the strength
to my fairer sex...
needing to be
the one I run to
come to...
become love to...
right now,
i could lie quietly
as the ticks of his heart
thump in rhythmic tune
to my soul's instrumental song
giving me everything
i need in a moment's moment...
in that minute
in a life's day
right now,
if he laid beside me
my heaviness
would lighten...
as soon as he offered me his body...
a tap on his firmness
a sign to say
"yes bae...
...i'm here"
and i could cry
or sigh
or lie still until his
physical lullaby
took me over
...i need him
right now...

in the butterfly net...

i ink...i flow...i pen,
my soul, my words, my zen