Wednesday, May 19, 2010

push and pull ~ a throwback (2007)

*I wrote this poem in 2007 on a now defunct site once called Yahoo 360*

I’m drawn to you, magnetized by you, enamored with you
Accustomed to you, fed by you, understood by you
I feel you, I see you, I long for you
I’m perplexed by you, confused by you, still I look for you
I push you away
I constantly say
Let's throw this away
But my heart won’t stray
I hate it that
I ignore the fact
I might fall flat
And I feel trapped
Cuz I think of you, I dream of you, I confess to you
I laugh with you, catch feelings with you, play cat & mouse with you
I want you, But I don’t want you, But I do want you
Gotta break from you, Cant escape from you, Wanna fade wit you
I push you away, I push you far away, But I have to say
I wanna pull you to me, Pull you into me, Pull your love to me
I push
I pull
...and I love it!

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25champ said...

And this my friend is what happens when your life is controlled by fear. Been down this road and I'm so glad that fear is just a concept to me now and not a state of mind. Great Post!

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