Monday, April 1, 2013

National Poetry Month: poem #1

so, I just finished a challenge on my Kaleidoscope blog. check out 30 Days of Days and be sure to catch other challenge-takers on the left side under "dem challenge takers".  seeing that it is National Poetry Month, I figured perhaps NOW would be the time to pursue some inspiration.

i've been lacking in this department...not writing poetry...for some time now. it's definitely overdue. so, here's my first poem...a freestyle.

who i am

if ever there was truth
to the assumption of who i am
i'd be lord over many minds
more hearts
and a few hands
i'd be a big deal
a glorious display
a kween without a throne
i'd be a catcher's mitt,
a wide receiver
for all the shade that's been thrown
if i were to manifest
the hateful words
used to describe my vibe
i'd be a everything,
but a child of God
if i bought into the lies
some have marked me victim
because i dare to respond with "ouch"
some have marked me sneaky
because i don't air my dirty laundry out...
i'm naive (which is funny, since i'm also deceptively evil)
i'm petty (which causes guffaws, since i'm supposed to be too good to people)
i'm everything
and nothing
i'm a liar
hated for the truth
i'm spoken of in whispers
my flaws supposedly proof
if i believed myself
to be deserving of what i'm served
i'd dig the ditch
lie down in the bitch
and cover myself with dirt
but, i know better
i be a fuck what'chu heard


No Labels said...

Finger snaps! And run tell dat!

Thee_Kween said...

lol Thanks BB

Reggie said...

That was rather moving Kween.

Thee_Kween said...

Thanks Reggie! I'm a bit rusty, but hopefully this month will sharpen my skills.

in the butterfly net...

i ink...i flow...i pen,
my soul, my words, my zen