Thursday, November 11, 2010

love's sea

love said to me...
"follow me...
into the abyss,
plunge willingly into me...
trust me..." love said
love lured me
with a crooked finger 
and a knowing wink
then love said...
"i know you cannot swim...
but place your lips upon mine...
and i shall breathe for you"
love lifted me by my pits 
in the liquid swish
and carried me
with it
love said,
"i love you...
so come be free, 
stay and be
a wave in my sea"
i looked upon love
with eyes wet...
but perhaps
in the abyssal mess
love could not tell
why my eyes did swell
...and perhaps
with my eyes 
seeing nothing
but love
i spoke not
but embraced love 
with a hug
and love could not see
that i was struggling to breathe
...that the water in my eyes
was not from love's sea
but the asphyxiation
from love's clench
which caused my heart to wrench
i wiggled free
asking love,
"please release me...
let me float
alongside thee...
not encumbered
by the pressure of 
relying on you solely...
so deep, i cant see"
love assented,
relenting it's hold on me
love said,
"be WITH me...
along side me"
and together
we paddled 
above the abyss
and below the surface's kiss
where light lives
giving way to a tandem wade
in love's sparkling sea...


in the butterfly net...

i ink...i flow...i pen,
my soul, my words, my zen