Wednesday, February 24, 2010

replacement parts

*written in October 2007*

wasnt shiny and new...pre used is the term
gassed by a few, prone to some wrong turns
not 22's but kept clean, pride in the upkeep
a smooth ride, able to tread rain, snow and sleet
been thru storms but made it out in 1 piece
cracked windows to the soul, now finally seeing peace
was off the lot, no sale...was considering being a collector's dream
u know...once in a while take it for a spin, back in the garage to secretly gleam
a few laid eyes on the body and just had to have her
promised they'd take pristine care of her whatever the matter
all of them turned down, sign reposted, "NO SALE"
then here comes HIM sauntering in with the gust of a sudden gale
stroked the finish, eyed the shine and sunk into the seats
she's not even ignited, yet she still generated heat
this "buyer" not average...seemed like a perfect fit
so he took it for a stroll said, "I'll be back in a bit"
ride was nice and long, but she was was all hood
his form meshing with the upholstery of her hold like it should
turned on the sound, loving the tunes being played
set on his favorite station, damn this seems custom made
no one but the 2 riding easy on an abandoned street
til he caught the attention of the bystanders in awe of their offbeat
realizing he was flier than he had been anytime before
he considered well, hell...maybe i should go browsing for more
parked her on a quiet street far from traffics blare
while he test drove different whips loving their rides yet unaware
the rarity of the collector's dream is uncomparable to the average find
now he's possibly missed the chance, the owner changing her mind
now he's riding high for now in a joint rented locally
and the dream is put away for him to 1 day hope to see
if he wasnt sure he should've never driven her off the lot
cuz she hasnt been the same since in dire need of replacement parts

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

courting love

the moment we meet
you make eyes at me
mine twinkle back
a light to be led by
you saunter into my space
and it just... chills me throughout
your lips part
you speak
i smile
we smile...

by my hand
you usher me
to privacy
inter-vested in me

[coals placed...
a flame is struck...
coals lit...
slowly reddening with heated play...
a fire burns...]

as polar ends
draw closer...
so does the vision
of a possiblity down the road
as we feed the burn
we agree
to be
building meetings
one on top of another
building love
and future
all part of the others
exchanging energy
unable to dam the confessions of love
all parts
dark and light
hidden and evident
we share our air
giving and getting,
not just what we see
but what we are
until nothing is left to do
but be a covenant
of promised love
lived until death
which really doesn't come
for this is 
an eternal
next lifetime
reborn into new forms
loving again and again
type of thing...
making bigger and better
the things average
that we possess alone
becoming a sun's shine
blaring with loud rays
of incomparable affection
hearing tunnel sounds
of our own joy

the kind that nudges onlookers
plays muse to romantic dreams
reminds anyone
seated in cynicism
that love IS
and while we're
eye to eye
fingers braided
consumed without thought
we're making
kids giggle
and old cats nod and pride
at new school
channeling old
the beautiful part...
is that THIS
is all first glance...
you make eyes at me
 i return it with a twinkle...
a light
that says...GO! 

Sunday, February 21, 2010


trapped in a thought
hovering between a
suspension of wake
and a place where my mind's wing span
touches heaven
tip to tip

off on a fantastical cliff
overlooking retrospect
reaching out to crystal images
rippled on fluid
seeing what i want
forgetting what i don't
wading in the pleasantry
of before

i'm wrapped in this thought
like cashmere on cold shoulders
feeling snug
sinking into these memories
smiling at yesterday
feeling the sway
closed eyes
opening my spirit
to the panoramic view
of the bigger picture

why do i keep forgetting to blink?
to refresh my mind's eye
to wipe away the sting
of tired peeps...

i keep drifting on a memory
neglecting to take note
of the current events
it's pull
and the deep dip
approaching in rolling
crests of denial

...not that my memories are less true
never happened
or meant much
they do ripple
in distortion
out of sync
and proportion
not sitting flush
with the conclusion
which is...

that i'm touching
on a memory
with no feelings for me
no love for my lulled senses
no care for my frivolity
casting me away
on memories
that will remain such
and numb to me

...i'm touching
on something
at something
needing it
whatever it is
to be better than
what's waiting
for the minute
i open my eyes
and see
that i haven't touched
anything at all

Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Letter to Love

Dear Love,
     Even though you're gone, your rapture left it's indelible mark on me. Your soul-filled touch to my most tender part I still phantom pain. How you engulfed me with a swirl of haze and laid me down for your taking. Tickling me with principles of pleasure...pleasuring my senses...converting me from cynic to believer. You proposed to my intellect, made love to my creative spark, fathered my life's dreams and reared your ugly head when they imploded. Love, I know you will return to me...for I've let you go. I know you will go outward and spread your seed, sodding the fertile minds of open whores...charmed by the promise of you. I know you will be the seducter of perfected ideas and blurred expectations...sweetly rock a bye with a sly and raised eye. I know you'll give good head and stroke a black hole with gray shades...for mine is sore from the rawness of you. 
     Love, I love you...always have because you always existed. I always will, because you are in me...implanted and grown from the natural source. In the were mine. When you were everyone else's and no one's at all. You're my love...the love of me...endlessly.

                                                    Love, Miss Taken

Friday, February 19, 2010

Waiting in the Wings

I've been blogging for about 4yrs now. I have my Kaleidoscope...which is my main place to rant, rave, wax poetic, etc. I genuinely AM doing too much. I have a cooking blog that needs SERIOUS updating, and an erotic poetry page that hasn't seen any eroticism in a few moons. I barely get the chance to blog on my main page...just out of not being a-mused. Life comes in at times and smacks the pen from my hand violently...and I hate it. I'm a shell of a woman when I'm barely writing...not being able to create mental scenes with my words. I want to change that. I want to return to the basics. 

I have allowed outside influences to breech my inspiration. I have allowed myself to get drawn into a vortex of uncertainty about what is important to me. I love to speak on life's issues...especially love, but the truth is...I'm not into social issues/political views as much as one would hope I'd be.  The reason isn't because I'm not capable of the mental jousting that takes place with people who are absorbed by current's because I've been there and done that. Once I've spread the word on a subject that needs to be passed along...I'm done. I can't go on and on over something that I'm not 100% passionate about.

I dare not, idly sit and pontificate on the ways of the governed world...just to hear myself talk, impress softer minds or pretend to be in the know. I'm an observer. I see what is to see, catalog for later...and nod in comprehension at the stories written and expressed daily.  I understand that talk is cheap and a lot of the folks who are consummate talkers...are just that. Where is the movement that goes along with the talk? To "know" is not know is to apply. Otherwise it's trivial knowledge stored for the purpose of baseless conversation. I've allowed myself in the be taken out of my own groove for the privilege of joining round tables...that simply go round and round. Talking subjects to death all to be able to say, "I get it". 

I'm getting BACK to my own platform. Poetry. Expression of an artistic nature. Touching people at the heart of life and giving people hope with beautiful prose and poetry. Giving people an opportunity to be a part of a love movement of my own...where I love, express my love and pass it on to willing hearts and open spirits. "I just want to write..." is something I'm known for saying. I just want to get out of my head the lines upon lines of poetry stifled in a creative dam. Smothered underneath the layers of every thought in the world...except what I really want to say.

I hope that you get something out of this blog page...if nothing else...that you feel MY love. I hope I get to feel yours...

~The Poetic Butterfly~

in the butterfly net...

i ink...i flow...i pen,
my soul, my words, my zen