Wednesday, April 3, 2013

poem #3: subconsciously

i've begun to crave him
i must want his love
i didn't know i wanted his touch,
his smile,
to open me back up
to daydreams
and reanimate
the long sleeping love for love,
seemingly tucked away
with years
of relationships
and disappointments
 out of a subconscious nowhere
astral dreams
of marriage
and declarations of loving me
until our souls no longer linger...
begin to prod my desires awake
i've begun to search him
in crowds
and aisles
and lots
to see if his eyes
will explain the why
...why is it that these thoughts
have arrived
and from where
did they derive?
i need to grasp
the yen for him
why is it
i want him to profess his love
to declare
with poetic flair...
that the ones before
were throw-aways
from bad catches
wherever he found himself before,
 life was feckless
no depth
and no height
not quite dark,
yet not enough light
...and there in lies his quest
to disrupt my last two night's of rest
holding a torch
of the love i lost
a dream's guide
to find the love inside
an astral hand
to lead me to love
emerging tangible
and fulfilled in his eyes
and the enveloping hug
that has clearly been
the catalyst to my dreams

...good night.


No Labels said...

Longing mixed with it!

Thee_Kween said...

Thanks BB :)

Reggie said...

That was hot Kween.

Thee_Kween said...

Thanks Reggie...are you a poetry person?

Reggie said...

I enjoy poetry, I'm just incapable of writing it myself.

Most of the poetry I write starts with....

There once was a man from....

See, I've got no imagination.

in the butterfly net...

i ink...i flow...i pen,
my soul, my words, my zen