Monday, March 29, 2010


this poem is the result of an ongoing poem challenge hosted by a friend named Fabulous Bebe called, "10 Word Thursdays". This is the last poem I did back in January. Wanted to share ;)

placed on my lips
is a song
a melodic feature of pleasure...
found in the depths of
a SUNFLOWER'S center
abloom and bursting
of notes
written and sung
composed and played
sung like praise
given life
through ORAL ORGAN
blown like colored glass
dangerously fragile...
a song conceived of FALLACY
gullible delusions
my open heart and
his closed mind
the ticking of time
falling in deep keys
and octaves high
lulling ballads
born at the SOLSTICE of promise
and tomorrow
me left,
singing in painful soprano
upon breathless hums
inhaling love
exhaling agony
rocking with the sound
of his instrument
in my ear
letting it VIBRATE
piercing my mental
consuming my soul
and killing my MUSE...

Sunday, March 28, 2010

ode to an open heart

have you ever spoken with someone and found yourself really...deeply empathizing with them? shuttering at every confession and admission as if it's your own journey of discovery? well that is what happened to me tonight...and this poem was born from a kindred pain and agony...laced with a love longing. here's to the spirit behind this ode...

here i lay
my burdened soul out
primed for the taking
risking abandonment
and unrequited affections
...i propose
a soul-fitting
a joining of us
the intended amalgamation
of a man and his rib
i bare to you
scorching tears
pleading for fulfillment
flailing arms
reaching for steady hands
uncertain eyes
searching yours for a yes...
...that you get it
me...and this
psychic transmission
too lengthy for letters
too precious for words
that if my soul
has to go one more moment
unconnected from yours
that i'd surely
at least it feels that way
i've never felt
so over the moon
universally lifted
and simultaneously petrified...
you bring to me
ecstatic electricity
these solar flares off my aura
and then
shivers of fear
that can cause
the not-so-average kween
to fall to her knees
in true epic surrender
...with this love averred
comes an unparalleled fright
that i'll never truly have you
...that the final vision
i have of us
will give way
to agony and loneliness
that the one whose vibe
is my impetus for morning's joy
will leave me
in a pool
of melancholy reflections
standing alone
in cold emotion
untouched and unloved
i am here
alight in your palm
entrusting my gentle heart
to an open fist
praying you wont
crush my wings
hoping you'll love me
everything i am
and am not
wanting to be
what you desire so wantonly
that you'd hurdle
over hills
and shake off chills
to lay open your heart...
next to mine

Saturday, March 27, 2010

in there

you are there...
profoundly IN there
embedded with your
distinctive scent
beyond the fibers
cloaking my heart
you are...
all UP IN every cell
insinuating yourself
within and throughout
living inside the inside
tucked in between
tights spaces unseen've dived

SO far
to the core of me
i've begun exhaling you...
YES, love...
you're all UP IN there
stamped properly
copy written
love bitten
FUCK smitten...
you're officially
buried knee deep
into the essence of me
ALL up in there...
is there any wonder...
that my channel
broadcasts you
programmed with
content not suitable
for a soul but mine?
every step taken
so influenced by your swagger
i can feel your spine
aligned with mine...
blood flowing like wine
leaving me
inebriated and high
you my dear...
are so very IN there
shut doors
clipped lines
blocked profiles
stunt chicks
and fake smiles
dig you up and out
pluck you from beneath
exorcise you soul deep
from the place
you've refused
to abscond
your energy's glow
audio in surround sound
laugh like crack
deep daddy tone
when calling mama home
smooth-knowing-i'm-all-yours flow
is ALL up
got me fucked up
wrapped up
so stuck
burrowed in my gut

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

the way you do

i love the do me
the flat of your tongue
against the small of my back
licking outside the lines
illustrating love
impressions of your hunger
left in my softness...
tender tips rolling
over my slopes
like foamy white rapids
forming between clinched thighs
your name reverberating
off the surface of my skin
as you bookmark
every part of me
every mound
alley of kali
every stream of cream
the cave you crave
*i think my clit just waved*
YOU man...
pressing play
on my button
i've had before
comes close to the do me
pecks upon
the nape of my neck
you tasting every salty sweet
speck of my sweat
the power of my pulse
at the whim of your will
as i lie still
the way...
YOU do...
is the truth
NO one
does me the way you do
incessant fusions
of you
in me
my senses
my own touch
drawn unnaturally to your body
my sense of smell
taken over by the hints
of you still present
in whiffs of memory
swallowing air
that tastes like your love
me seeing you
with shut eyes
yet blinded when
gazing over you
how you do me...
has never been done
you'll keep doing me?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

it ain't love...

love hurts...
"they" say
but nah...
it ain't love
it's the one swift motion
of a judas' stab
mighty enough
to pluck your spine apart...
disc by disc's the hot sting
of pristine gloves
smiting you
challenging you
to a duel of heart and mind's the phantom pain
of shins
recently kicked
chins checked
mouths dropped
it ain't love...
love don't lie to you
knowingly letting untruths
cascade off tongues
like venom don't
option you out
to check for greener pastures
while shitting on your lawn
love don't...
promise maliciously
smiling while plucking you
of your hope
it don't dumb down
spread thin
share or lend
the love meant for you
that ain't love
love don't get mad
shut out
stomp out
begrudge or
misjudge you
speak ill
cheat on
beat on
take for granted
make excuses
belittle or
forget you...
that ain't love
love makes time
and finds peace in you...
love don't hurt...
it hurts NOT to love
it hurts to LOSE it
it hurts to think about it escaping you
love don't hurt...
but the illusion of love
under the guise of
anything BUT love...does

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

sing me

tickle me like ivories
caressing the bones of me
blow my mind away
trumpeting airy odes
...written expressly for me
in the key
of c sharp
shattering grains of sand apart
once heated
to a transparent shine
clinking with mine
write me inside of romance
and metaphor
"liking" me
personifying me
into illustrious poetry
hum to my
acoustic soul
vibratos bouncing against
percussion thumps of my heart
find me in the beat
between the kicks
and cymbals
give me you
in bridges and breakdowns
touch my lips
with sweetened harmony
while bass strums
echo over me
on repeat...
name a song for me
and inspire lovers
with live scats
*do dee*
is that just for ME, baby?
...remember me
in hymns and ditties
while smitten
with verses
of quelling syncopation
adorned in delectation
award worthy
applaud worthy
have mercy...
[deep sigh]
sing me...
in musical dreams
while working me
work at not hurting me
float away
into our love sway
like a song,
you cant quit singing all day
sing me...
i'm listening

in the butterfly net...

i ink...i flow...i pen,
my soul, my words, my zen