Sunday, April 25, 2010

the porch of mr. and mrs. love

[welcome to 143 happy court]
~a colorful, vibrant row of flora dot the stoned path to a covered haven~

i see us
sitting in one of those swings for two
laughing at the passing folks
loving them all the while
sipping on spiked lemonade
feet  propped on each other
swept up in the whispered creak
of our own slow rocking
a golden blaze in the background
giving off
shaded shadows
of hanging plants
fence slats
and morphing topiary
growing and shrinking,
telling the time of day
door open...
screen closed...keeping out the flies
music playing in the house
just loud enough for us to hear
maybe we'll catch a groove
and a spontaneous two step
until our aches sat us down
laughing at the reality
that we don't got it like we used to...
well, you don'
i see us dissecting the daily news
you wanting the political and editorial pages
passing me the comics, lifestyle and entertainment
you giving me that,
"you need to keep up with the world" look
as i laugh that you just don't give up
we split the crossword, though
cracking jokes in between
we don't have the sense God gave a squirrel
i see us feeding strays...
pets AND people
doling out spiritual affection
while slicing freshly baked confections...
we're those old timers...
that everyone stops in our gate to talk to...
"hey mr. and mrs. love"
they think we're cute...
and we are
{smiles and winks}
we go back and forth
trading town news
family pride,
offering glasses of whatever's cold
getting a dose of love from "the loves"
feeling a little closer to the future of happiness
just because of us and the constant we are...
counting on us to be right where we are
we care for our garden...
i water
you till
i plant
you weed
we harvest...vases of gorgeous blooms
at the center table in our home
we share the sun's awakenings
the dozing of the day
the sparkled cover of the night
all on the porch
sharing sunset days
thinking back
on the dreams we once shared
that have come true
or changed with time
loving the breezy feeling of this love
carried on the air around this home
caring little of else
being right where we are...
sitting on the porch...
mr. and mrs. love


Butterfly Effect said...

Beautiful Kiwi! It's such a pleasant thought. There are such pretty pictures in your mind. Thanks so much for sharing. Going back to read it again.

25champ said...

def how I pic growing old wit someone. Appreciating the smaller things in life, just enjoying life. I love it~

Da_Kween said...

@BE~ Thanks sis...I have a wondering wandering mind. lol

@Champ~ Yes, exactly...the small things that measure up to a monumental legacy of love :) Thank you!

Alovelydai said...

"Cause we don't have the sense God gave a squirrel" Wow...that deserves a t-shirt & a billboard...This is Beautiful! son Josh aka Dood loves the butterflies!

Da_Kween said...

LOL...Yea, I want him to be as silly as me. I HAVE to's prescribed :)

~waving at Dood~ Hiiiii

☆Reese said...

I read this and saw each and every detail in my mind! Vivid and it girl!

Da_Kween said...

Oh wow, I love when someone can visualize my vision as they're reading. SO cool...thank you very much!

in the butterfly net...

i ink...i flow...i pen,
my soul, my words, my zen