Friday, February 19, 2010

Waiting in the Wings

I've been blogging for about 4yrs now. I have my Kaleidoscope...which is my main place to rant, rave, wax poetic, etc. I genuinely AM doing too much. I have a cooking blog that needs SERIOUS updating, and an erotic poetry page that hasn't seen any eroticism in a few moons. I barely get the chance to blog on my main page...just out of not being a-mused. Life comes in at times and smacks the pen from my hand violently...and I hate it. I'm a shell of a woman when I'm barely writing...not being able to create mental scenes with my words. I want to change that. I want to return to the basics. 

I have allowed outside influences to breech my inspiration. I have allowed myself to get drawn into a vortex of uncertainty about what is important to me. I love to speak on life's issues...especially love, but the truth is...I'm not into social issues/political views as much as one would hope I'd be.  The reason isn't because I'm not capable of the mental jousting that takes place with people who are absorbed by current's because I've been there and done that. Once I've spread the word on a subject that needs to be passed along...I'm done. I can't go on and on over something that I'm not 100% passionate about.

I dare not, idly sit and pontificate on the ways of the governed world...just to hear myself talk, impress softer minds or pretend to be in the know. I'm an observer. I see what is to see, catalog for later...and nod in comprehension at the stories written and expressed daily.  I understand that talk is cheap and a lot of the folks who are consummate talkers...are just that. Where is the movement that goes along with the talk? To "know" is not know is to apply. Otherwise it's trivial knowledge stored for the purpose of baseless conversation. I've allowed myself in the be taken out of my own groove for the privilege of joining round tables...that simply go round and round. Talking subjects to death all to be able to say, "I get it". 

I'm getting BACK to my own platform. Poetry. Expression of an artistic nature. Touching people at the heart of life and giving people hope with beautiful prose and poetry. Giving people an opportunity to be a part of a love movement of my own...where I love, express my love and pass it on to willing hearts and open spirits. "I just want to write..." is something I'm known for saying. I just want to get out of my head the lines upon lines of poetry stifled in a creative dam. Smothered underneath the layers of every thought in the world...except what I really want to say.

I hope that you get something out of this blog page...if nothing else...that you feel MY love. I hope I get to feel yours...

~The Poetic Butterfly~

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