Tuesday, February 23, 2010

courting love

the moment we meet
you make eyes at me
mine twinkle back
a light to be led by
you saunter into my space
and it just...
...it chills me throughout
your lips part
you speak
i smile
we smile...

by my hand
you usher me
to privacy
inter-vested in me

[coals placed...
a flame is struck...
coals lit...
slowly reddening with heated play...
a fire burns...]

as polar ends
draw closer...
so does the vision
of a possiblity
...us down the road
as we feed the burn
we agree
to be
building meetings
one on top of another
building love
and future
all part of the others
exchanging energy
unable to dam the confessions of love
all parts
dark and light
hidden and evident
we share our air
giving and getting,
not just what we see
but what we are
until nothing is left to do
but be a covenant
of promised love
lived until death
which really doesn't come
for this is 
an eternal
next lifetime
reborn into new forms
loving again and again
type of thing...
making bigger and better
the things average
that we possess alone
becoming a sun's shine
blaring with loud rays
of incomparable affection
hearing tunnel sounds
of our own joy

the kind that nudges onlookers
plays muse to romantic dreams
reminds anyone
seated in cynicism
that love IS
and while we're
eye to eye
fingers braided
consumed without thought
we're making
kids giggle
and old cats nod and smile...in pride
at new school
channeling old
the beautiful part...
is that THIS
is all first glance...
you make eyes at me
 i return it with a twinkle...
a light
that says...GO! 

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