Wednesday, February 24, 2010

replacement parts

*written in October 2007*

wasnt shiny and new...pre used is the term
gassed by a few, prone to some wrong turns
not 22's but kept clean, pride in the upkeep
a smooth ride, able to tread rain, snow and sleet
been thru storms but made it out in 1 piece
cracked windows to the soul, now finally seeing peace
was off the lot, no sale...was considering being a collector's dream
u know...once in a while take it for a spin, back in the garage to secretly gleam
a few laid eyes on the body and just had to have her
promised they'd take pristine care of her whatever the matter
all of them turned down, sign reposted, "NO SALE"
then here comes HIM sauntering in with the gust of a sudden gale
stroked the finish, eyed the shine and sunk into the seats
she's not even ignited, yet she still generated heat
this "buyer" not average...seemed like a perfect fit
so he took it for a stroll said, "I'll be back in a bit"
ride was nice and long, but she was was all hood
his form meshing with the upholstery of her hold like it should
turned on the sound, loving the tunes being played
set on his favorite station, damn this seems custom made
no one but the 2 riding easy on an abandoned street
til he caught the attention of the bystanders in awe of their offbeat
realizing he was flier than he had been anytime before
he considered well, hell...maybe i should go browsing for more
parked her on a quiet street far from traffics blare
while he test drove different whips loving their rides yet unaware
the rarity of the collector's dream is uncomparable to the average find
now he's possibly missed the chance, the owner changing her mind
now he's riding high for now in a joint rented locally
and the dream is put away for him to 1 day hope to see
if he wasnt sure he should've never driven her off the lot
cuz she hasnt been the same since in dire need of replacement parts


Butterfly Effect said...

FIYAH!!!!!! I loved it!!! Wow!

Da_Kween said...

Thank you BE...*cheesing*

in the butterfly net...

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my soul, my words, my zen