Friday, April 2, 2010

inactive love

inactive love...
similar to a volcano
sitting dormant
breathing heat
and doing nothing
pretending to spout
threatening to erupt
but, nothing...
causing the earth around it to blister
noxious gas
killing all things living
steaming off full pools of water
drying out watering holes
and tear ducts
nothing left
but this "volcano"
big and strong
built on eons of
festering energy
stored up passion for air
made of all the things a volcano embodies
but doing nothing...
just a mountain
that used to be a mole hill
promise of a catastrophic event
able to level off all surrounding fauna
entities and beings
able to,
mow down all things within reach
of it's base
able to claim it's earth
with molten fires of possession
but wont...
it's just..."there"
cascading above
towering sinisterly
threatening to remind the tender earth
that it belongs to it's fervent fires
making it feel
like a connective thing
a duo of power
but knows
the weak "volcano"
is afraid...
afraid to burst over
in display
showing the world
what the earth does for it
how, because of the earth
it can spew love
in full show
allowing all to see
who owns it's core
and THAT...
scares a mountain
so there it sits...
doing nothing...
the power to consume
and meld the earth to it
joining them forever....
yet accepting quiet
sitting on
banking on 
inactive love


Anonymous said...

*Exhaaaaale* that's how I feel after reading your work. Someone understands, so now I can stop holding my breath. Great work poet. Line of interest. . ."It can spew love, in full show". this touched me. DOnt we all wish, even if in secret that we could "spew love" in full show? I do. Thank you.

Da_Kween said...

What a beautiful translation of my art...thank you "Anon" ;)

...and you're most welcome :)

Butterfly Effect said...

I witnessed this piece unravel right before my eyes in an IM window. It only took her all of 2 minutes to bang those keys into submission. I'm still in awe of her vocab. are the shiznit, don't ever forget it!!!!

Da_Kween said...

Wow, why'd you have to out me? LOL

Thanks, helped bring this to the surface. This is as much your piece as it is mine.

25champ said...

Love it! The thoughts that run through our mind when we don't act on love it's amazing. Love is powerful even 4 those never pursue it. Everlasting affect. GreatPost!

Da_Kween said...

Thank you kindly...

I do believe love is powerful as you said...even for those who don't pursue it. Sometimes the fear of it's hold and the bigger fear of it's waning, take over and renders someone immobile. Wanting it so badly their spirit burns for it...and yet feeling powerless to move toward it.

in the butterfly net...

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my soul, my words, my zen