Sunday, May 2, 2010

Love's Caress~ a song

{I woke up this morning...and after lying in bed...a song popped in my head. I hate that I'm not musical in the way that I can "compose" with notes. Or that, I can at least bang out what's in my head on a piano/keyboard. I heard violins playing sharply, the left side of the piano banging hard (a right tickle from time to time), a bass plucking, chimes being tickled, a cymbal being tapped, and harps "harping". lol As of right now...the melody that gave birth to this "song" has drifted away...but, I felt like sharing this with you all.}

Verse 1

it's not how your fingers find
all the chills in my spine
i love how i call you mine
you call me yours...
we're so damn fine

we flow like a fine wine
we color outside the lines
we're love and lust combined
we make it pop
boy we're blowing minds


i gotta tell ya
your love is betta tickles just like a feather
better than the rest
it's like a love caress

Verse 2

our love's sweetly divine
more precious than a diamond mine
i love how you take your time
the pleasure builds
i exhale a sigh

your love is right on time
i keep saying, "my oh my"
i feel like a ray of shine
glowing bright for you
this man of mine



i love how you touuuch me...
the way that you hold me...
in your heart so sweetly...
there's...nothing...betterrrrr...than a love's caress



Alovelydai said...

Beautiful thinks it's time for some piano lessons!!

25champ said...

Me likes!

Da_Kween said...

@Lovely~ You want piano lessons? lol

@Champ~ Thanks, man...I'm starting to think either you're easy to please or you like you some me. LOL (you know...platonic-like of course. LOL)

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