Sunday, March 28, 2010

ode to an open heart

have you ever spoken with someone and found yourself really...deeply empathizing with them? shuttering at every confession and admission as if it's your own journey of discovery? well that is what happened to me tonight...and this poem was born from a kindred pain and agony...laced with a love longing. here's to the spirit behind this ode...

here i lay
my burdened soul out
primed for the taking
risking abandonment
and unrequited affections
...i propose
a soul-fitting
a joining of us
the intended amalgamation
of a man and his rib
i bare to you
scorching tears
pleading for fulfillment
flailing arms
reaching for steady hands
uncertain eyes
searching yours for a yes...
...that you get it
me...and this
psychic transmission
too lengthy for letters
too precious for words
that if my soul
has to go one more moment
unconnected from yours
that i'd surely
at least it feels that way
i've never felt
so over the moon
universally lifted
and simultaneously petrified...
you bring to me
ecstatic electricity
these solar flares off my aura
and then
shivers of fear
that can cause
the not-so-average kween
to fall to her knees
in true epic surrender
...with this love averred
comes an unparalleled fright
that i'll never truly have you
...that the final vision
i have of us
will give way
to agony and loneliness
that the one whose vibe
is my impetus for morning's joy
will leave me
in a pool
of melancholy reflections
standing alone
in cold emotion
untouched and unloved
i am here
alight in your palm
entrusting my gentle heart
to an open fist
praying you wont
crush my wings
hoping you'll love me
everything i am
and am not
wanting to be
what you desire so wantonly
that you'd hurdle
over hills
and shake off chills
to lay open your heart...
next to mine


Butterfly Effect said...

Kiwi, I just read this 2 times here at 3:33am. Wow..your ability to capture the real life scenes into words is amazing. Love you girl! And thanks for writing this and better yet seeing me, even when I'm too scared to look. Going to read it again before I go back to sleep.

Butterfly Effect said...

I lied, I read it 2 more times..and honey this right

"i've never felt
so over the moon
universally lifted
and simultaneously petrified...

yeah, what she just said...smh

Da_Kween said...

Wow...I'm so happy that this touched you like that. I truly cried throughout our convo last night. Love is something else, ain't it? lol

Butterfly Effect said...

Love is so scary to me. But, like you always said it sneaks up on you.

Da_Kween said...

DANG! I can't believe you're over here again. LOL

...seriously...I know love is scary. It's a risk to allow yourself to be open, naked to someone else's scrutiny...but, life isn't LIFE unless you're loving. Well, that's how "I" see it. :)

in the butterfly net...

i ink...i flow...i pen,
my soul, my words, my zen