Saturday, March 27, 2010

in there

you are there...
profoundly IN there
embedded with your
distinctive scent
beyond the fibers
cloaking my heart
you are...
all UP IN every cell
insinuating yourself
within and throughout
living inside the inside
tucked in between
tights spaces unseen've dived

SO far
to the core of me
i've begun exhaling you...
YES, love...
you're all UP IN there
stamped properly
copy written
love bitten
FUCK smitten...
you're officially
buried knee deep
into the essence of me
ALL up in there...
is there any wonder...
that my channel
broadcasts you
programmed with
content not suitable
for a soul but mine?
every step taken
so influenced by your swagger
i can feel your spine
aligned with mine...
blood flowing like wine
leaving me
inebriated and high
you my dear...
are so very IN there
shut doors
clipped lines
blocked profiles
stunt chicks
and fake smiles
dig you up and out
pluck you from beneath
exorcise you soul deep
from the place
you've refused
to abscond
your energy's glow
audio in surround sound
laugh like crack
deep daddy tone
when calling mama home
smooth-knowing-i'm-all-yours flow
is ALL up
got me fucked up
wrapped up
so stuck
burrowed in my gut

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in the butterfly net...

i ink...i flow...i pen,
my soul, my words, my zen