Thursday, March 18, 2010

it ain't love...

love hurts...
"they" say
but nah...
it ain't love
it's the one swift motion
of a judas' stab
mighty enough
to pluck your spine apart...
disc by disc's the hot sting
of pristine gloves
smiting you
challenging you
to a duel of heart and mind's the phantom pain
of shins
recently kicked
chins checked
mouths dropped
it ain't love...
love don't lie to you
knowingly letting untruths
cascade off tongues
like venom don't
option you out
to check for greener pastures
while shitting on your lawn
love don't...
promise maliciously
smiling while plucking you
of your hope
it don't dumb down
spread thin
share or lend
the love meant for you
that ain't love
love don't get mad
shut out
stomp out
begrudge or
misjudge you
speak ill
cheat on
beat on
take for granted
make excuses
belittle or
forget you...
that ain't love
love makes time
and finds peace in you...
love don't hurt...
it hurts NOT to love
it hurts to LOSE it
it hurts to think about it escaping you
love don't hurt...
but the illusion of love
under the guise of
anything BUT love...does

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