Saturday, July 16, 2011

imagining His image

as i amble along
working my way home
from work
i give my Father's nature...
nods and smiles
and thoughts...
i wonder,
if my movements
mock His...
traversing over
sidewalks of slate...
from weathering
and the weight of the world...
blades of grass
and victorious weeds
peeking through cracks
mountains to the tiny?
hills to climb?
i imagine,
that i am to ants
what He is to me...
and that my feet
create shifts
in the atmosphere's heat...
torrential winds...
drips from condensation
from my carbonated libation
a cloud of rain
for the microscopic terrain?
my steps...seismic?
them holding on for dear life
scrambling for cover
as my left foot hovers...
then i get visions
i picture,
God swirling His finger,
like a teaspoon in a cup
and then think on cyclones
[oz or bust]
wading in His water...
i feel so small,
but so large, in the same...
can you see Him?
kicked back,
relaxing...gazing on the heavens
propped up on His elbows...
did He just make...
His being's impression
a succession of valleys?
a spilled drink
a river...rapidly streaming?
all the way home...
i gander downward
measuring my steps
casted over "my domain"
and again...
i wonder
and as i become aware,
i suddenly begin to care
and step cautiously
over delicate dusty mounds
low grass where butterflies abound
what looks like clovers
to you and me...
seem like stretches
of forests with tropical trees...
and i nod
and smile
remember my place
as i take
with God's grace
i pray
that His stroll across the skies
are as merciful on you and i
and that each motion
of His hand,
is casting favorable weather
onto our land
as i amble along
i praise Him
with my love of
every surrounding thing
i proceed like lives depend on me...
and imagine
the "little ones"
are thanking the Him in me
as i...
imagine His image

{every time i walk home...i think this. i go from watching the ground to watching the sky. i'm so aware of His presence wherever i am...wherever i walk...and i try to remain aware and considerate of everything around me. i can't imagine walking obliviously along without thought to my Maker. it's unthinkable. this poem is part ode, poem, and random thought. i finally obeyed Him and wrote this.}

God bless you...

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