Monday, July 11, 2011

don't wonder

i know, boo...
you wonder why,
the seemingly shy...i
can still keep him,
drooling my name,
fantasizing in vain...
feigning disdain for me
as he seethes,
"fuck her"...
yet still he grieves...
in heaves
and he can't
throw up and out
the feeling of me
deep in his gut...
you're like,
the it about HER?
there's never
thing, that's got him trippin'...
it's the whole package
from convo
to finger dippin'
from kisses
he can't forget
to the love
that slipped through his net
it's the way
his dreams
came true with my smile,
and how he felt like a king
with just a simple dial...
you don't get it's not meant for you to
and that's your issue
squeezing in between
what's dynamically meant for two
and still being clueless,
though i'm gone
he's still not full off of you
you wonder to yourself...
how a "prude"
could dig deep and through
and be in places
he'll never show you
but again,
you're focusing
on shit that has NOTHING
to do with you...
if you really want to know
how it is
i still fit...
as if i were still there
how i still resonate
and he still cares
if you want to know why...
really...just what it is?
let me tell you
get this..
i sucked his mental dick,
i swallowed his thoughts of me
gave him a soul kiss
letting him taste his preconceived ideas of me
off my lips
and in that moment,
he said,
he felt snug
sitting up against my soul
and in that moment,
he felt whole
deeply into my heart's mouth,
i took him
as his love's tank filled to the brim
and with me
he felt free,
when i walked away
my sensuous sway fading fast...
his heart broke
more than he can ever get past
so don't dare to presume,
that you know what we had
you'll never truly know
so just rest your mind on this
don't ever wonder
that it's me he'll always miss...


1manview said...

on MY resume it says...
lose your mind then proceed!"

Smiling, intense piece...

Thee_Kween said...

Sorry for the confusion, sir. LOL My new layout may be giving you the wrong idea on where to click. lol The comment link for each post is ABOVE the poem itself.

Thank you, though. :)

in the butterfly net...

i ink...i flow...i pen,
my soul, my words, my zen