Sunday, May 23, 2010

quiet screams

She opened her mouth
Silence flooded in and down her throat...
choking out her wails
She tried again,
but the rhythmic noise of indifference 
hushed her with a cold and unclean finger
She dug deep,
from the beginning of her...
where she originated from,
a heavenly place
where she was fashioned from power
and tried again
Out came a cry that pierced souls,
deafened ears
and evoked tears.
She said,
"I'm here"...
The room filled with whispers of collective banter
wondering why she needed to announce the obvious
Her eyes swelled with salty drops
Her throat shrunk
cutting off her bated breath...
The forceful entity of oppression
worked diligently to quiet her...
"I'm here..."
she uttered weakly,
her eyes so much louder than her chords could carry...
The room hushed
Then grew loud again
Turning to one another
carrying on...
or perhaps...
unable to fathom her heart

acknowledging something
means a realization
that you're part of the problem
In turn,
knowing you're a factor
in a spiritual equation,
means changing for the solution...}

...They turn away
leaving her pain throbbing
At the apex of her pain unbearable,
a light shines
a ray of resolution
visible to only her
She clears her throat...
swallows the pain
aligns her back to the zenith
and says,
With the sound of the door
closing behind her gently
the room is alerted to her absence...
Some continue chattering...never missing a beat
Some sit in awe of what's lacking with her departure...
hearing her cries in delay...
fall down in tears of their own
regretful of not being able to hear them before...
She said, {with her departure}
"I'm here...still"


25champ said...

OMG. I love it. I can def relat I often feel unheard believe it or not as If I hav to put u inside myself, but like u said sometimes u are part of the problem and that's when I started on my self-reflection. This poem hit home. Wow!

Da_Kween said...

Exactly! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for the love, Champ :)

Afrodeezha said...

Wow Sis, been there, done that. You have to stand up sometimes and make those MF'ers hear you.

Anonymous said...

I'm here. . . I knew I needed this wonderful medicine. Thank you. -Sunree

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