Sunday, October 9, 2011

heart condition

the absence of love
doesn't always breed desperation
the separation from love
at times conditions...
prepares a void
to be refilled
by the One who
garners our implicit faith...
i learn to live
with just the blessing to give
that He may,
take his holy ewer
and fill me up again...
don't make it easy...
oh, do they complicate 
the simplest...
selfishly inflicting their right to be
on me
i abhor the cliched reply
"i am...who i am"
when the truth is
that you are who He's made you to be
someone capable
of living purposefully
...beyond your surface vision
of self and ego
there lives the reflection
of that beautiful image
He created diligently...
at any time,
your power to ignite 
the fires of agape love
can spark and change your immediate world
the things you want to renovate
will tumble down
when you supplicate
and then rise like a building
as a new line in the sky...
who you are
is who you choose to be
maybe it's who you are...
to safely hide the sensitivities
and to justify the inability
to trust you... and not so much me.
and so the beat goes on...
that i'm loving humans
to the point of emptiness,
until i lean...
head back...
eyes closed...
mouth open...
to receive the love He spills into me
and that there,
isn't a thing i can explain...
not the why i do it,
not the why "they"
don't always reciprocate
just the truth,
that His vessel,
feeds my vessel,
and i, in turn feed yours...
and if more of us fed love
to the unloved,
and...put down our cups
and picked up our ladles...
no one may ever feel like,
in order to deal with absence of love...
they had to condition themselves to do without it

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