Sunday, November 28, 2010

poetic effect

i write
i read
i live
i love...poetry
when i write...
i like to nuzzle inside of my work
shouldering up
and in between the meaning
and the depth
when i'm reading one
i want to nestle
between the innuendo
and the nuances
the pulse
and the flow
i want to get it
even if i've never gotten it
if it's never touched me before
i want it to pat me down
and steal a caress off my heart
i want to get that ::thump::
in my chest
that shortens my breath
and releases my tears
gives me pause for thought...
a cause to ponder...
i want to be
chin deep inside of the poetic swim
saturated in the intent
of the scriber's pen
for me...
is like an immersion into the soul
it's the universal meeting place
for what's common between us
unbeknowest to us...
when i write...
i write to the beat of my heart
i am ever present within every point
and on each side
of every double entendre...
i am in every inked path
of every cursive line
every dotted "i"
and crossed "t"
when i read
i want to be the gist
i want to be the expression
i want to be the scene defined
the emotions red and raw
gaping and throbbing
i want to read
as i write
and fall in love
over and again

i want to finish
affected by the poetic effect...
loved on by the the syllabic staccato
the perfect pitch of
the moments created
in instant imagery
i want to feel it
i want to be it
i need to be effect.

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in the butterfly net...

i ink...i flow...i pen,
my soul, my words, my zen