Tuesday, July 27, 2010

i want

i want someone
with a backbone
made of a boomerang
that says, "made for kali"
that way...
wherever he goes...
he'll always return to the manufacturer
i want someone who will say,
"if i'm gonna be a fool...
...i wanna be YOUR fool"
unafraid of razing through walls
and shields of perceived perfection
meant to deflect displays of affection
i want someone who
doesn't count every thing we go through
as the last thing we'll experience together...
i want someone who won't count my words against me
deficits of disagreement
the truth that hurts
and the feelings that need validation
that i'll never be
"one comment away"
from the end of us
saying that thing
and it's echo living beyond the love we have
turning into finite silence
i want someone who if he walks away
the spiritual tether between us
will bring him RIGHT back
i want someone whose fear of what it LOOKS like
never overwhelms  the truth of what it IS...
man enough for the woman i am
and boy enough to stay innocent with me
i want someone who...
even though he has met women
with more this
or less that
they never compare...
i am the voice his soul heeds
and the kiss his body needs
i want someone...
who wants me...
so much...
that when he's even thinking of leaving...
his mind denies him the vision of him without me
i want someone that...
even after falling for the best of me...
he falls even harder for the worst of me
don't you want someone,
whose essential self...ALONE
has the power to will you to betterment?
someone whose love,
heals you
makes your weaknesses blend
with the strengths
and gives your smiles longevity?
someone who knows exactly what you are...
and isn't trying to augment you
into what you aren't?
i want someone
who wants me, too...
not the me they've imagined
or the me they've settled for
i want someone...who knows
that we'll always be a work in progress
and that no one has the power to dismember
what we've built intently...
what do YOU want?


Butterfly Effect said...

I've been trying to write out 'my wants' for the longest time..and it's so hard for me. You really outlined this very well. I love it! I want those things too. You say what you want so freely. It's hard for me to even think 'my wants' sometimes. I'm working on it..because I got the 'don't wants' down packed.


Kandia said...

Reading this almost had me a little misty eyed. I need that one that will put a halt to my peeking around corners wondering what else is out there...."The Notebook" kind of magic. You painted that picture so eloquently.

Da_Kween said...

@BE~ You will get it. Sometimes the moment of light appears at the moment you didn't plan on. All I ask, is that instead of seeing love and timing it for destruction, bask in someone else's happiness...that smile is infectious and someone WILL spot it and land on your shoulder...

@Kandia~ This was very emotional for me. I get tired of people quitting on love JUST because it's not what they envisioned in a perfect eye. The Notebook is my fave romantic movie...up there with Titanic and Love Jones. I hope your love finds you...thank you for feeling my words. Means the world. :)

Sundae said...

I read this and my heart reached out to hug you, Sis. I did the only thing I could... *huggin you tight*

Da_Kween said...

Sundae...that touches me, deeply. I feel your hugs and love.

25champ said...

doesn't count every thing we go through
as the last thing we'll experience together... You've said a mouthful right their Kween. This speaks volumes to men and women. I loved it!

Da_Kween said...

I'm glad you enjoyed this...a lot of this is basic. Not really asking much...unless you're selfish.

Ria B said...

When you know what you want, the hard part is over. Love this.

Da_Kween said...

Now...if he'll just walk his fine ass up and slap that ring on me. LOL

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my soul, my words, my zen